Characters of Easter

2/27/2023 - 4/30/2023

This season of Lent we're learning about the The Villains, Heroes, Cowards, and Crooks Who Witnessed History's Biggest Miracle.

The Sunday morning teaching is following the outline of Daniel Darling and we're encouraging members to pick up a copy of this book and for discussion groups to talk through how the the news of the Resurrection changes all of us. 

In This Series

  1. Is God Done with Me if I've failed Him?
  2. How to Change if You're Angry and Judgmental?
  3. How Disappointment Turns Toxic -Lessons from the LIfe of Judas
  4. The Temptation of Power and how it affects us.
  5. How Doubt Builds a Deeper Faith
  6. Jesus and Religion: The People Waving Palms
  7. Does Jesus see me if no one else does??
  8. Jesus and Government - how the Kingdom Encountered Government.
  9. What does God want? What is Good?