Decision-Making in 2023

1/6/2023 -

We’re starting this year by looking at the book of Proverbs and learning about wisdom for decision making. This is a BIG DEAL because all of all of our lives are made up of the decisions that we make. And you maybe have noticed this already… Some people are better at making decisions than other people.
And you know this because you see where decisions consistently get people. But what’s amazing is that decision making is that it’s a skill that you can learn to improve – and if you do you’ll end up in a better place.. So we’re starting off 2023 by looking at the book of Proverbs and learning how to make better decisions and end up in a better place.

In This Series

  1. Decision-Making Guide for 2023
  2. Seeking Wisdom, Finding Jesus
  3. Wisdom in Words
  4. How to Make Better Decisions about Money (Part 1)
  5. Wisdom and Money Part 2
  6. Wisdom and Relationships.
  7. Why Raising Kids Is Important